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My Film Portfolio

Lately I've been creating a lot of commercials for competitions. Because of the various restrictions with the competitions I am not able to post all of them here, but they can all be viewed on my online commercial portfolio over at zooppa.com (this link will open in a new window).

Here are some of my recent films. For the most part they are in chronological order. Enjoy!

"Lunch Interrogation" Hormel Completes Commercial

"Lunch Interrogation" Hormel Completes Commercial

© 2011 Hormel, Running time 0:30

This was a commercial we shot for a Hormel Completes commercial competition hosted by Zooppa.com. Our commercial won 2nd place for community voting, and Hormel chose it for 3rd place for the overall competition.

A modern mom is brought in for interrogation after making claims to her day's accomplishments, including taking her daughter to school, going to yoga, going to the library, meeting with her designers, taking time to tweet, dropping the car off for an oil change and finally picking her daughter up from school. Among all that multi-tasking she somehow managed to find time to make lunch. An improbable task without the help of Hormel Compleats. Created by Stephen C. Pickering, Ruben Burgos and Craig Bergum.

Credits: Co-Writer/Director/Director of Photography/Editor

The Momento

The Momento

© 2011 Running time 6:55

The Momento was shot for The Canned Film Competition hosted at BIFF (Beloit International Film Festival) in Beloit, Wisconsin. We were given 50 hours to write, shoot, edit and deliver this film. The only requirement was that we must open "the can" live in the film, unknowing what was in it. It was one of three films recognized BIFF. It is also a BIFF 2012 Official Selection.

Credits: Co-Writer/Director/Director of Photography/Co-Editor

Noah's Ark Time Lapse.

2010 Running time 3:40

This is a time-lapse video of my wife and me working on a project for our church. It was a face cut-out for kids to look through for photos. This was my first time using time-lapse on a video project.

Festival of Film "Intermission"

Festival of Film "Intermission"

© 2009. Running time 4:56

This is the intermission video shown for the 2009 Stephen C. Pickering Festival of Film Extraordinaire. It was composed first in Adobe Photoshop and then animated in Adobe After Effects. The music is a collection of original music by R.L. Wolf (Rachel Hsiao.)

Credits: SFX

Festival of Film "Promo"

Festival of Film "Promo"

© 2010. Running time 0:35

This is the promo video for the 2009 Stephen C. Pickering Festival of Film Extraordinaire. It was composed first in Adobe Photoshop and then animated in Adobe After Effects .

Credits: SFX

A Secnd Chance

A Second Chance

© 2009. Running time 9:20

When global chemical warfare promises to wipe out all of civilization, a young couple faces a tragic choice- give their baby to the government's desperate attempt to save a generation of the United State's population in underground bunkers, or to die together as a family.

Created as part of the 2009 48 Hour Film Project International Shootout (Madison). The competition requirement was to use the theme: "end of the world" and we had only 48 hours to make the film.

Credits: Co-Writer/Director/Co-Producer/Director of Photography/Actor

Unknown Spectre (Winner Best Film- Madison's 48 Hour Film Project)

Unknown Spectre (Winner Best Film- Madison's 48 Hour Film Project)

© 2009. Running time 5:53

Madison 48 Hour Film Project 2009 Winner! Best Film, Best Use of Genre, Best Graphics, Best Sound Design, Best Use of Character.. We were given 48 hours to make this film.

Genre: Sci Fi, Character: John Charles, an energy consultant, Prop: a bowl., Line of Dialogue: "Please, I beg you."

Credits: Co-Writer / Director / Director of Photography / Actor

Unknown Spectre (Behind the Scenes) (Part 1)

Unknown Spectre (Behind the Scenes) (Part 1) 48 Hour Film Project

© 2009. Running time 9:31

The journey begins with a wrong turn in Madison, makes a detour to the emergency room, and finishes with a "50s B-movie" being awarded Madison's 2009 48 Hour Film Project's "Best Film!"

Credits: Editor/Lighting

Unknown Spectre (Behind the Scenes) (Part 2) 48 Hour Film Project

Unknown Spectre (Behind the Scenes) (Part 2) 48 Hour Film Project

© 2009. Running time 2:53

Part 2

Credits: Editor/Lighting

Kingdom of Ends - 48 Hour Film Project

Kingdom of Ends - 48 Hour Film Project

© 2008. Running time 6:06

A detective finally catches up to the man he has spent his career hunting, only to learn he has lost him for good.

Created for the 2008 48 Hour Film Project. The following elements were required: Genre: Detective/Cop, Prop: Greeting Card, Dialogue: "Chalk it up to dumb luck," Character: Buddy Kant, Philosophy Instructor.

Awards: Best use of Character, Best Actor (Buddy Kant: Tom Hall)

Co-Writer/Director/Director of Photography/Co-Editor



© 2007. Running time 6:16

This was my first film created for the 48 Film Projectin Madison, Wisconsin. House Call tells the story of June Baker, a woman murdered in her home by Ray Roberts, a "handyman." Our team was giving 48 hours to write, film, edit, and deliver a film.

The following elements were required: Genre: Horror, Character: Ray Roberts (a handyman), Prop: christmas lights, Line of Dialog: "That was smooth as butter," Include a scene in Madison, WI.

Co-Writer/Director/Director of Photography/Producer

Housecall (Behind the Scenes) (Part 1)

Housecall (Behind the Scenes) (Part 1)

© 2008. Running time 9:25

This is the behind-the-scenes of Housecall, a short film made for the Madison 48 Hour Film Project in 2008.

Credits: Editor /Lighting

Housecall (Behind the Scenes) (Part 2)

Housecall (Behind the Scenes) (Part 2)

© 2008. Running time 3:52

This is the Behind-the-scenes of Housecall, a short film made for the Madison 48 Hour Film Project in 2008.

Credits: Editor /Lighting

My Prison Called Life

My Prison Called Life

© 2005. Running time 9:38

Charles Surdell spends his last day in prison, awaiting his execution for the murder of his wife- 18 years ago.

This film was my thesis project written and directed while attending Vancouver Film School in British Columbia. My script was chosen as one of the final projects to produce before graduation.

This was the first project I collaborated on with the composer, R.L. Wolf (Rachel Hsiao.) I was in Vancouver, Canada while Rachel was in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We communicating through email and via Skype. She emailed me a quick demo she made in her dorm room just to be sure we were on the same page with the music style. I loved it! After we agreed on the music, she set off for the her school's studio to professionally record the sound track. Unfortunatly, some of the key members at the studio were absent due to illness, and things spiralled downward from there. Techincal difficulties finally made it impossible to use the studio recordings.

We ended up using her dormroom recording, which only goes to show Rachel's awesome ability as a composer. I have been honored to work with her on four more films since then.

With all I've learned since graduation, this film remains one of my favorite films I have directed.

Credits: Original Story/Co-Writer/Director

The Library Chronicles - Episode 1

The Library Chronicles- Episode 1.

2006 Running time 8:57

In a setting called The Future, all art and knowledge will be outlawed. Our story takes place amid The Futures dark, industrial environs. An underground Library is operated by a most unusual individual and his Unspeakable.

Filmed one afternoon in just a couple hours by myself, Tom and Marshall at Vancouver Film School, there was no script, no story structure, no characters, no plan. The boom mice was hastily propped up against a chair to record audio. The two lights were aimed and switched on almost randomly. The gear had to be returned, and the studio was not properly booked. In some scenes, someone hit the record button and then ran in front of the camera to act in the scene.

The making of this "episode" is one of my most memorable experiences in school. After graduating I moved back to the States while the rest of the team remained in Vancouver where they have kept the project active. I appeared in one last episode while my wife and I visited them. More episodes can be found at www.thelibrarychronicles.com

Co-Writer/Co-Director/Co-Director of Photography/Actor

Your Everyday Mission

Your Everyday Mission

© 2006. Running time 3:58

A short street interview with religion at the center of discussion. Afterlife, religion and the existence of God are all discussed by pedestrians in Minneapolis Minnesota.



My name is Stephen C. Pickering. I'm 27 years old. I'm filmmaker, artist, web designer, husband, father, and born again Christian.

I studied art and communications at University of Wisconsin, Rock County. From there I went to Vancouver Film School in British Columbia where I graduated with a focus on directing and cinematography. I love everything about filmmaking.

I live is Janesville, WI with my wife, Cameron, and our daughter, Naomi. Our son is on his way and will be here any day! Cameron is also a filmmaker and helps me run our corporate and commercial production company, Drywater Productions, LLC. We also run Drywater Videography which specializes in professional wedding videography.

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